About Us

Ripple, the Aquarists brand.

Ripple is a brand created by Aquarists for Aquarists, founded by Adam and Leslie (Australia & Singapore) with the aim to revolutionise the Aquarium industry as we know it. 

The Ripple concept.

Without doubt China is the manufacturing powerhouse of the world but quite often final products are not 'on point' shall we say. That's where the Ripple steps in. We align with Asia's absolute best manufacturers in a collaborative relationship to design products worthy of our brand and your Aquarium. 

We answer to you and no one else!

Ripple is very unique in that it's the only branded product range developed purely for the online market with a strategy to capture your attention via social media platforms and sell direct through our online store. We have absolute control over everything from start to finish and our customer centric focus to customer service and support means you can rest assured that you're in good hands. 

Our marketing team are our customers.

Lets face it, who is really driving sales these days? It's consumers of course! If we provide you with great products and service we know you'll talk about it socially. We also know you'll do the same if our quality is poor so we promise never to do that :) The Ripple marketing strategy is organic, we're in your hands. 

Co-founder Adam explains what excites him about Ripple.

"One of the really exiting aspects of the Ripple concept is our ability to bring to market whatever we want, faster than we ever could before whilst maintaining high quality and deliver it at a price point that would be impossible to achieve using traditional distribution methods. We think our customers will find it difficult to justify purchasing a higher priced equivalent Aquarium product. We're really excited about the river ahead." 

Ripple is positioned for growth.

RIPPLE is uniquely positioned to execute what is a beautifully designed M2C business model that will offer consumers with high quality alternatives to popular products at Ripple prices. We work directly with manufacturers, we ensure the product meets our standards and we sell it directly to you with perfect customer service. We are in the process of developing new and exciting innovative products, some never before seen in the Aquarium hobby.